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CALNET, Inc. part of SSI Group team in National Training Center Win

Reston, VA, April 14, 2010

CALNET announced today that it was part of Team SSI that was awarded the Role Player contract to support operations at the National Training Center in California. Services required are to provide support for NTC Scenario based training for deploying units using generic role players

In coordination with the NTC Operations Group, Team SSI will provide role players in training villages of Medina Jabal, Medina Wasl and other associated locations during rotational training conducted by the NTC at Fort Irwin.  The personnel, services, training execution and equipment will replicate the look and feel of a culturally accurate Afghani or Iraqi environment, encompassing all activities which normally would occur in Afghani/Iraqi society.

"CALNET is pleased to be part of Team SSI and we look forward to continuing to support critical training at the NTC.  Our partnership with SSI on this effort is a result of CALNET's continuing commitment to work in close collaboration with disadvantaged small businesses." Said Frank Marois, CALNET Director of Language Services.

About CALNET Inc.

Since 1989, CALNET has helped Federal, State and Commercial organizations to remain agile by obtaining explicit business results through the rapid application and delivery of Advanced Information Technology solutions. Additionally CALNET provides Intelligence Analysis and Language solutions to the U.S Armed Forces and the Intelligence Community globally. An Inc. 500 winner in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.  CALNET has offices in Reston, Virginia and San Diego, California.

CALNET is proud to provide support to our National agencies to achieve our nation’s goals in the global war on terror, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom or whatever role our great nation calls on us to support


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